Robo.Camp 2017 is now underway at Parker, bringing together students in grades 3 through 8 for a week of building, programming and teamwork.


Robo.Camp was started by Parker’s award-winning robotics team, W.A.R. Lords. During the week-long camp, students build Vex and Lego Mindstorm robots and compete against each other in simulated competitions. Students not only have a blast building and battling robots, they learn important skills involved with STEM education and careers.


Parker’s W.A.R. Lords are incredibly active in community engagement activities. In addition to Robo.Camp, the W.A.R. Lords have mentored and raised funds for other FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams. They’ve hosted hackathons and Family Science Nights for students across San Diego County and even traveled to Mexico with Project Mercy to build houses.


The team itself is built on education and mentorship. Every new member is paired with an experienced one to ensure all members receive necessary guidance and instruction. The W.A.R. Lords also provides a domain certification process encompassing 10 “101 courses” and 16 “102 courses,” as well as programming services and a public folder filled with relevant source code for anyone, anywhere to access.


Keep up with the W.A.R. Lords throughout the year by following them on Facebook (search FRC Team 2485: WARLords).