Middle School students show their skills in recent competitions. The Quizbowl team competed in the Middle School National Championship Tournament hosted by NAQT (National Association of Quizbowl Tournaments) in Chicago. Out of the eight matches the team played, they achieved 4 wins and 4 losses, ranking them 103 out of 192 teams who competed.

Middle School music students attended the Forum Music Festival in Fullerton. All groups received either a gold or silver rating with standout students Max Matys-Gleason, Class of 2024; Andrew Zhou, Class of 2023; and Ryan Fox, Class of 2023, all receiving Outstanding Musicianship Award. The complete music festival results are listed below. Congratulations to all!

Grade 6 Band: Silver rating
Max Matys-Gleason, Class of 2024-Outstanding Musicianship Award
Grade 7 and 8 Band: Gold rating
Andrew Zhou, Class of 2023-Outstanding Musicianship Award
MS Chorus: Gold rating
Alto Section-Outstanding Musicianship Award
Grade 8: Classical Guitar Ensemble: Gold rating
4th guitar section-Outstanding Musicianship Award
MS Chamber Orchestra: Silver rating
Bass section-Outstanding Musicianship Award
MS Advanced Strings: Gold rating
Ryan Fox, Class of 2023-Outstanding Musicianship Award