Month: October 2018


Ryan Sanborn, Class of 2019, was selected as an All-American athlete and is invited to represent the West team in the All-American Bowl, a premier high school football game, this January in San Antonio, Texas.

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Karen Parker | Upper School Social Studies Teacher

“My favorite part of teaching history is making modern-day connections,” says Karen Parker, Upper School Social Studies teacher. “I love seeing my students discover that artifacts from 500 to 1,000 years ago still have themes that relate to today’s society.”

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Carol Radchik | Middle School Spanish Teacher | World Traveler

For Carol Radchik––Middle School Spanish teacher and Grade 7 advisor––the best part of her job is helping her students find joy and confidence in communicating in Spanish. Carol knows learning a different language isn’t easy and the only way to gain confidence is to make mistakes.

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