Parker’s Drama Club is busy preparing for its first production of the year, “Newsies,” a Middle and Upper School collaboration opening this Friday, Oct. 26. Last week, club members took a short break from their preparations to host a pumpkin decorating contest as part of the Drama Club Mentor Program.

Mentor groups had 25 minutes to choose an idea, create a design, and decorate a pumpkin to compete in one of three categories: scariest, most creative, and best overall. As the contest went on, mentors checked on how their mentees were doing in school, went through their planners with them, and answered any questions about the upcoming “Newsies” performance.

The Drama Club Mentor Program emphasizes collaboration and communication through creative contests like pumpkin decorating, as mentees learn the fundamental skills of working in a team. The mentor program is part of what makes Drama Club unique and special for its members. Students aren’t just putting on great theatre, they’re working to become great people.