Month: October 2018

Parker Community Ways of Being

Being an educator who is also a parent has its advantages. It also has a downside. Toggling between the two roles isn’t easy, especially when I encounter those “teachable moments” with my children.

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Teamwork in Middle School

Built into just about every experience at Parker, students have the opportunity to learn about both leadership and teamwork. From structured character education lessons that embrace the ethical framework of S.T.R.I.V.E. first introduced in the Lower School, to classroom expectations, and even camp. Camp? Yes, camp.

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The True Aim of a Parker Education

Col. Francis W. Parker believed that the greatest democratic ideal was to ensure that every school in the land “should be made a home and a heaven for each child”. An ideal that could only be accomplished by passionate, committed, and enlightened faculty who fully understood the true aim of education – the development of the whole child.

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