This year the Upper School’s first trimester character education theme was teamwork. During their advisory classes, students discussed how the School might come together to work toward a common goal of protecting the environment and reducing waste.

Students were given the assignment to go out to the Parker community and interview members of different departments on Campus to see how teamwork with students could augment their work. Departments including risk and asset management, maintenance, and facilities shared their thoughts on how students can do their part to keep the Campus safe and clean.

Parker’s Food Service Director Jose Santiago shared with students what he and his crew do to reduce food waste and help the greater San Diego community. Not only does Jose and his team work tirelessly to provide breakfast and lunch at the Campus they also do their part in reducing food waste by donating excess fresh fruit and sandwiches to the San Diego Rescue Mission each Friday.

In fact, they are recognized leaders in San Diego. In 2016, the CulinArt Group and Francis Parker School received the 2016 EMIES Unwaisted Food Award from the San Diego Food System Alliance for exemplary practices around preventing waste, food donations, and composting/recycling at Parker.

Students reported back to their Advisory classes on their findings and reflected on the tremendous amount of work it takes to keep the Linda Vista Campus operating, and how it requires teamwork from everyone—even students—to create the optimal environment for student learning.

“We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such talented and thoughtful people at Parker,” said Kevin Dunn, director of community engagement.

Character education is an essential part of a Parker education. This year the Upper School will focus on building strength of character centering around three key themes—teamwork, self/identity, and ethical decision making. To help drive home these lessons students will continue to look within the Parker community for shining examples.