Artwork created by Parker students has advanced to the Southern California Area Youth Art Month Show in Riverside, Calif. and the National K-12 Ceramics Exhibition in Minneapolis, Minn. Last month, Parker hosted the San Diego (YAM) Show in the James Alan Rose Art Gallery. Work by students in kindergarten through Grade 12 was featured and judged. Parker juniors Lauren Kaase received Best in Show – High School 3D Art for her piece called “Gender: An International History of the Medium,” and Sarah Effress received third place in High School 2D Art for her black and white photograph. 

For Middle School in the 3D Art category, Jackson Giek, Class of 2023, received first place for his turned bowl; Addison Smith, Class of 2023, took second place for her turned bowl; and Erin Lilly, Class of 2024, received third place for her sculpture of a tentacle. Ella Ludwig, Class of 2023, placed second in the Middle School 2D Art for her photographs.

All students who placed in the San Diego YAM show will move on to the Riverside competition. Students who place at the Southern California Region show will move on to the California State YAM exhibition in April.

In addition to the art chosen at the San Diego YAM, ceramic pieces created by three Upper School students Bryce Dethloff, Class of 2019, Russell Childs, Class of 2020, and Nicole McDermott, Class of 2019, were chosen to be shown at the National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation in Minneapolis, Minn. this March.