Several Parker students received awards from the Scholastic Art & Writing competition, including three in Upper School and one in Middle School. The awards recognized the students’ outstanding literary pieces in categories like science fiction and fantasy, poetry, and short stories.

The following students received awards and honorable mentions for their pieces:

  • Aadam Awad, Class of 2022, was awarded a gold key for his science fiction/fantasy piece called “A Tunnels End.”
  • Middle Schooler Miranda Park, Class of 2024, received a silver key for her short story “Sincerely, Beatrice.”
  • Nicolas Del Rio, Class of 2020, received an honorable mention for his poem “The Life of a Memory.”
  • Zachary Partnoy, Class of 2022, received a silver key for his short story “King Jasper’s Tune,” and honorable mentions for his science fiction/fantasy piece titled “Android’s Quest” and humorous piece titled “20th Century English Literature vs. 20th Century Greenlandic Literature: A Battle Between George Orwell and Erik Hanruukkssuunn.”

Students who received awards were part of Upper School English teacher Rachel Krause’s class and Middle School English teacher Kristy Keith’s class.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are part of the nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, which works to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent in order to present their work to the world. The awards present students with opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships.

Congratulations to these outstanding students!