Minor league outfielder and Parker alumnus Jonah Davis ’15 gets his chance at bat for the  Pittsburgh Pirates and lands two home runs (seen in the photo above from MLB.com). Due to a last-minute change to the batting line up by Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle, Jonah found himself facing the Baltimore Orioles in the first inning. On his second pitch at bat, Jonah connected with the ball and sunk it deep for a home run putting the Pirates first on the scoreboard. Jonah returned in the sixth inning and landed another home run helping the Pirates win against the Orioles 7-5.

When asked what it was like playing in a major league game in an article by MLB.com, Jonah said, “It was surreal, honestly. That was an awesome feeling right there.”

During last year’s draft, Jonah was the Pirates’ 15th-round pick. Currently on the minor league Bristol team, Jonah had an impressive year with 12 homers and 34 RBIs in 51 games last season. Baseball analysts suspect landing these two homers might work in his favor and he might have another chance at the big leagues.