In May 2019, thirty-nine Francis Parker School students from all three divisions traveled to Sacramento to represent San Diego County at the National History Day California competition. At the end of the weekend competition, nine Parker students advanced to the National Competition, in addition to two students who won in the Elementary Poster Division.


Nicholas Kim, Mitchell Janes – Tragedy and Triumph of Japanese Internment (Elementary Group Poster) Winner

Eric Lillie – Valor in the Pacific: The Battle off Samar (Elementary Individual Poster)


Jack Ducote – The Death Zone: Triumph and Tragedy on Everest (Jr. Individual Exhibit) Finalist

Sanjana Kumar – Triumph Amidst a Sea of Tragedy: Angel Island Immigration Station (Jr. Individual Performance) Finalist

Samantha Kim – Liberty and Justice for All: The Japanese American Story of Triumph (Jr. Individual Website) Finalist

Roark Lacey – Nixon in 1972: Conquest and Corruption (Jr.. Individual Website) Finalist

Sophie White, Sophia Tyrrell-Knott, Hannah Luna – Trial to Tears: The Story of the Cherokee Nation (Jr. Group Exhibit) Finalist


Elsa Baumgartner and Adelyn Phillips – The Banning of DDT: An Environmental Triumph Over a Silent Tragedy (Sr. Group Exhibit) Finalist

Zachary Braner and Davis Kedrosky – The Limits of Power: The Making and Breaking of Athenian Imperialism (Sr. Group Website) 4th Place Honorable Mention

Luca Bonanno – The Land of the Sun: The Story of California City (Sr. Individual Documentary) Finalist

Jacob Brittain – The Tragedy of War Without a Triumph: War on Poverty and the Racial Divide (Sr. Individual Exhibit)

Liam Brownlie and Jorge Luna – Rising Sun Setting Economy: The Japan Asset Bubble (Sr. Group Documentary)

Cleo Chaplin and Adam Nussbaum – Nikolai Vavilov and the Global Seed Vault (Sr. Group Documentary) Finalist

Vicky Communale, Maya Chu, Sonali Chu, Emily Park, Amanda Wasserman – The Panama Canal (Sr. Group Exhibit) Winner: Advances to National Competition

Nicholas Del Rio, Gabriel Jinich & Neusha Kharrati – Operation Cyclone: CIA Intervention and the Rise of the Mujahideen (Sr. Group Website) Winner: Advances to National Competition

Eleanor Hansen – Spanish Flu and the Triumph of the Women’s Rights Movement (Sr. Individual Exhibit) 3rd Place Runner-up

Cate Hasler – Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Fall of Japan as an Imperial Power (Sr. Individual Exhibit) Finalist

Katharina Hass – Triumph of the Will; Tragedy of a Generation (Sr. Individual Performance) Finalist

Ilan Jinich – The 1933 Anti-Nazi Boycott & The Haavara Agreement: Triumph and Tragedy on the Eve of the Holocaust (Sr. Individual Website) Winner: Advances to National Competition

Aryo Kharrati – Triumph and Tragedy: The Iranian Revolution of 1978 (Sr. Individual Website)

Jenna Kim – Mansei! Korea’s Movement Towards Triumph (Sr. Individual Website)

Sahana Kumar and Jeyan Kirtay – The Equal Rights Amendment (Sr. Group Exhibit) Finalist

Ian Lillie – The Libby Zion Case: Perilous Practices Demand Triumphant Reform (Sr. Individual Documentary) Finalist

Pallavi Murthy – Tragedy after Triumph: the Egyptian Arab Spring (Sr. Historical Paper) Finalist

Ollie Pai – Pushing the Limits of Democracy: The 1968 Democratic National Convention (Sr. Individual Documentary) 4th Place Honorable Mention


Elle Hansen
Longevity Award for eight years of participation at NHD-CA (since 5th grade)

Adam Nussbaum
Longevity Award for seven years of participation at NHD-CA (since 6th grade)

Amanda Wasserman
Longevity Award for eight years of participation at NHD-CA (since 6th grade, with a one-year hiatus)

Cherie Redelings
NHD-CA Senior Division Teacher of the Year

Mary Ong-Dean
NHD-CA Junior Division Teacher of the Year