Dear Middle School Families, 

As I have written and spoken about earlier, our all-school theme for 2019-20 is “Connected.” This week, our students have been living our theme in several tangible ways. Grade 6 and 7 students heading to camp is an intentional effort to connect our students to each other. 

In Grade 6, we welcomed 50 new families, and by the time students return from their trips, there will no longer be new students and returning students–simply the connected Class of 2026.

While Grade 7 welcomes just six new families this year, each student is a unique and important addition to our community, and camp will connect them seamlessly to their classmates while strengthening the bond of those who were new last year. 

Grade 8 has spent the week connecting through advisory activities that review the Middle School grade-level themes: Self-Awareness in Grade 6; Community-Awareness in Grade 7; and Global-Awareness in Grade 8. 

Grade 8 also invested time connecting to our Linda Vista neighborhood. During the week, our students learned the rich history of the Linda Vista neighborhood through a walking and driving tour, providing service to the community, and enjoying lunch at a locally-owned restaurant. Congratulations to Jeremy Howard, Kevin Dunn, and Christen Tedrow Harrison, who led the collaboration with all of the Grade 8 team to make the week a success. On Friday, Grade 8 students went to the World Beat Center in Balboa Park to connect with a variety of dance and music styles from around the world.

As always, thank you for checking out all we do here “in the Middle.”


Dan 🙂
Head of Middle School