By Kevin Yaley
Head of School 

On occasion, parents will pass along thought-provoking articles related to all things education. Admittedly, I very much enjoy receiving these as, like all of my colleagues here at Parker, education is both my profession and my passion.

Earlier this year, a number of folks sent me the link to a New York Times article entitled How To Help Your Child Succeed at School by Jessica Lahey, who provides a few timely and, in my humble opinion, indispensable guidelines for a positive and fruitful school year. 

While we understand as parents that we cannot (nor should we) control everything about our children along their educational journey, in her article, Lahey reminds us of the power of modeling values and behaviors that will positively impact our child’s learning, as well as their spirit.  

I encourage you to take a moment and read this article in the hope that you will find encouragement recognizing the many ways you continue to undoubtedly influence your child’s learning, and potentially discover one or two new strategies to further support them.