Month: February 2020

Grandparents Day at Middle and Upper School

Parker’s Middle and Upper School held its annual “Grandparents & Special Friends Day” Wednesday on the School’s Linda Vista Campus. Students, staff, and faculty welcomed 298 visitors, who were treated to a gourmet breakfast and live music from the Upper School Jazz Ensemble before embarking with the students to their classes.

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Head of School February Message

Last week, a team of educators from some of the best schools in California– Brentwood, Chadwick, Crossroads, French American International, Harvard-Westlake, Head-Royce, La Scuola International, Marlborough, Oakwood School, and Polytechnic–spent four days conducting what one might refer to as an “educational audit” of our program. 

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Celebrating Questions

Why celebrate questions? Isn’t it all about the answers? While answers are critical in the learning process–a cycle of inquiry and exploration–the learning happens in asking the right questions. Through reflection and discovery, new questions emerge. 

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Growth Through Reflection

We’ve come a long way…

Five decades of working at Parker have afforded me the long view of the School’s development, a beautiful growth over time that has allowed the School to become one of the premier educational institutions in California, if not the nation. Col. Francis Parker’s vision, now supported by the School’s succinct mission, is alive and well in a community that is thriving and helping to support students who will move beyond Parker with so much to offer the world they will inhabit.

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A Mirror to Our Community

Parker began a self-study process in June 2018, that culminated last week in a visit by a team of educators from some of the best schools in California: Head-Royce, Harvard-Westlake, French American International, Marlborough, Chadwick, La Scuola International, Crossroads, Oakwood School, Brentwood, and Polytechnic. Beyond the respective reputations of these schools, the individuals they sent to Parker were their very best. We were honored to host a team with two heads of school, a former head of school, an associate head of school, director of diversity, academic dean, director of advancement, chief financial officer, two division heads, and a department chair.

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