W.A.R. Lords, Team 2485 fall short of the title by one point

By Matthew Piechalak | mpiechalak@francisparker.org

One point is all that separated Parker Robotics from claiming the Del Mar Regional Championship earlier this month. 

In early March, prior to COVID-19 preventive measures being implemented across San Diego County, Parker Robotics competed in the annual competition.  

“It was an amazing and legendary run for the Francis Parker W.A.R. Lords, Team 2485,” says Ryan Griggs, Parker Robotics Director and head faculty mentor for the team. “Throughout the whole event, our team pulled together and supported each other. While the robot may have faltered initially, our team never did. It was one of our best competitions ever.” 

The team competed with their new robot, “Artemis.”

“While the robot was robust, still developing systems on the robot kept our robot’s performance that day from being a standout,” Ryan explains. “We ended the day nearly at the bottom of the qualifications listing of 56 teams.” 


The team went back to the drawing board that night and developed a bold plan of improvements, which led to an amazing run of success on Saturday. In the alliance selection, the team was chosen as the second pick to the second-placed alliance.

“We fought our way through all elimination matches, quarterfinals, semifinals and took the final set of three matches to the final,” Ryan says.

In the final match, the team scored 78 points: five for the leaving initiation line in autonomous play (no human driving, all off code), 12 for shots during autonomous, 21 during teleoperation (human-controlled), 25 for the climb, and another 15 for the level climb.

The team received the Gracious Professionalism Award, given to a team whose members show each other and competing teams respect at all times.

They recognize that both friendly competition and mutual gain are possible, on and off the playing field.

To watch the final match, click here. Artemis is No. 2485, part of the blue alliance.