Winners will compete at (virtual) state-level competition in May 

By Matthew Piechalak |

Parker students won more than a dozen categories at the National History Day (NHD) regional competition, held in early March at the San Diego County Office of Education. 

The theme for the 2020 version of the annual competition was “Breaking Barriers in History.” 

Winners will represent Parker in the NHD California competition in May. The state competition will be hosted virtually due to the current global coronavirus pandemic. 

Dates are still to-be-determined, according to NHD-CA

Below is a complete list of winners from Parker: 

Elementary Individual Poster

  • “The Attack on Pearl Harbor,” Ian Noon 

Junior Group Documentary

  • “Daniel Inouye: From Enemy Alien to President Pro Tempore,” Mitchell Janes, Nicholas Kim

Junior Group Website

  • “Breaking Gender Barriers: Women in Pants,” Eden Smith, Samantha Kim
  • “Dolores Huerta: Sowing Seeds to Break Ground for Migrant Workers’ Rights,” Joey Richardson, Dessa Kuritz, Melina Fernon, Annika Baumgartner

Junior Historical Paper

  •  “Overthrowing the French Monarchy: Breaking the Social Class Barrier,” Ayan Champsi

Senior Group Documentary 

  • “Speed Without Safety: The 1955 Le Mans Disaster,” Liam Brownlie, Jorge Luna

Senior Group Exhibit

  • “Hands Across the Water: Breaking Barriers Between the East and West,” Keigo Omura, Jack Ducote, Sophie White
  • “Untying the Apron: First Women in Space,” Hannah Luna, Sophia Tyrrell-Knott, Nicholas Smith, Shea McGrath

Senior Group Website

  • “Printing a Revolution: Breaking Barriers to Scientific Advancement,” Elsa Baumgartner, Adelyn Phillips

Senior Historical Paper

  • “A War of Chemists and Engineers: Breaking Barriers in World War I Combat,” Aadam Awad

Senior Individual Documentary

  • “A Window Into the Future: The Tale of the de Havilland Comet,” Luca Bonanno

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • “Dolores Huerta: Breaking Barriers for Migrant Farm Workers,” Cate Hasler

Senior Individual Performance

  • “Defend the Homeland! The Soviet Women Aviators in the Great Patriotic War,” Katharina Hass

Senior Individual Website

  • “Breaking Barriers at Camp David: The Thirteen Days That Redefined the Middle East Peace Process,” Ethan Kassar
  • “The Manhattan Project: Revolutionizing the Bomb,” Roark Lacey