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California History Day 2019 Results

In May 2019, thirty-nine Francis Parker School students from all three divisions traveled to Sacramento to represent San Diego County at the National History Day California competition. At the end of the weekend competition, nine Parker students advanced to the National Competition, in addition to two students who won in the Elementary Poster Division.

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Junior Varsity Quizbowl Team Earns Top Honors at UCSD Spring Tournament

Parker’s Upper school junior varsity Quizbowl team took home first place at the University of California, San Diego Spring Quizbowl tournament on Saturday, May 4. Grade 9 students Hayden Ghosh, Zachary Partnoy, Mark Rifkin, and Jesse Smith did well in the preliminary round with a 9-0 record. The last match of the prelims featured a monster comeback for the Lancers who were down 280-120 with six 10-point toss-up questions remaining, the Lancers correctly answered every one including three early buzz-ins earning a five additional “power” points each, which resulted in a 315-275 victory.

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Celebrating Kindness at Lower School

Last week, the Mission Hills Campus celebrated Kindness Week—an annual Parker tradition that brings focus to how the power of being kind can change yourself, change your community, and ultimately make the world a better place.

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Upper School students place in top 10 at Regional Science Olympiad

Parker Upper School students competed in the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad held at the University of San Diego on March 16. Under the direction of former Parker teacher Rose Hanscom, the School sent two teams of 20 students to compete against 69 other teams from across the county. Parker students finished 10th overall and earned top finishes in a number of categories.

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The Lasting Lessons of Discovery Week

During Discovery Week, Grade 8 students travel to a variety of locations where they participate in programs that foster development of self-reliance and cultural awareness, enhance language skills and historical knowledge and provide opportunities for students to make real-world connections to what they have studied.

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Finding the Right College for the Job: Parker’s College Counseling Helps Students Meet Their Match

For counselors at Parker, the goal is not to shape each student to fit a certain school, but to find the right school that fits each student. Getting to know students’ personalities, interests, and goals is key to their success. Parker’s college counselors sat down for mini-interviews with Class of 2018 graduates about the college search process and what they learned along the way.

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