Parker’s Middle and Upper School held its annual “Grandparents & Special Friends Day” Wednesday on the School’s Linda Vista Campus. Students, staff, and faculty welcomed 298 visitors, who were treated to a gourmet breakfast and live music from the Upper School Jazz Ensemble before embarking with the students to their classes.

Below is a compilation of visitor comments as they left campus.

  • “WOW, I wish I could go back to Middle School!”
  • “That Science Class was fascinating!”
  • “How lucky our grandchildren are to have such engaging teachers!” 
  • “French class was my favorite, and my wife loved the Comp Sci class!”
  • “Amazing how History comes alive!”
  • “Took the train down from LA last night to be here today. Wouldn’t miss this day for the world!”
  • “Music truly soothes the soul!  Wish I had the opportunity to learn so many wonderful instruments when I was younger!”
  • “Watching the 3D Printer was incredible! How lucky are these kids!”
  • “I never loved math as a kid – but, boy oh boy, that teacher made it so interesting!”
  • “Traveled down from Washington State for this special event. Always a great experience; never disappoints! Can’t wait to come back next year!” 
  • “My first time visiting Parker and I can’t get over the beautiful Campus!”
  • “I’m blown away by the level of academics in the Upper School. No wonder my daughter wants to send the grandkids to Parker!”
  • “Mandarin is such a great language. Glad the school offers such a variety of languages. Impressive!” 
  • “What I love most is that my Upper school grandchildren still want me to attend. That’s how much they love Parker!”