Congratulations to Cross Country Coach Kevin Yaley and Girls Volleyball Coach Rodrigo Suelotto for both winning the 2023 All CIF San Diego Coach of the Year Award. 

Kevin believes that success as a coach comes down to two fundamental responsibilities. First, help the student-athletes trust the process of training and of racing, understand that some races will be training races, and know that the goal is to peak at the final CIF race. Second, stay positive throughout the process, knowing athletes will have good and not-so-good days, and keep their focus on the big picture.

“My favorite moment of coaching this year was seeing the Parker student-athletes peak at the end of the season,” Kevin says. “From our JV runners who ran a personal best time at Conference finals to seeing both our boys and girls teams step up and run two great races at CIF, which led to two championships.”

Kevin stepped in and coached the Parker Boys and Girls Cross Country teams during the 2021 season and did so again this year. Before coaching at Parker, he coached for most of his years while working at University of San Diego High School (now Cathedral Catholic). He was the assistant varsity cross country coach and the distance coach for Track and Field.

Parker has had one of the best cross country programs in the county for years. Kevin’s expectation for the coming seasons is that the new program director and cross country team members will continue to carry on that tradition of success for years to come. “I will be at the races cheering them on,” Kevin says. 

Rodrigo attributes his success as a coach to a combination of factors that extend beyond the court. Rodrigo emphasizes the role played by the Parker Girls Volleyball community. The support from the coaching staff, the players’ commitment, the supportive parents, the Parker Athletics department, and enthusiastic fans fueled the team’s accomplishments, reminding them they were part of something greater—the Parker Legacy. 

Rodrigo’s Coaching core values, encapsulated in the 3 Ps (Professionalism, Players First, and Passion), guide his coaching philosophy. These values have been instrumental in creating a positive and successful environment that has led to a strong team culture.

Rodrigo’s favorite moment this season was winning the 2023 Girls Volleyball Division I CIF San Diego Section Championship for the first time since 2012. “The final game was incredible. With players 100% locked in, working hard, and enjoying the battle,” Rodrigo says. “Our Parker fans were also surreal.” However, the practices are what Rodrigo misses the most now that the team is in their off-season. He always looked forward to seeing the kids and coaches on the court, working hard, and having fun playing the sport they all love.

In the coming years, Rodrigo hopes that Parker’s Girls Volleyball program can continue to build a strong team culture and strengthen the Parker Legacy.

Kevin and Rodrigo’s hard work and commitment to the athletic program help Lancer student-athletes grow in their sport and become the best they can be on and off the field, court, or track. Another huge congratulations to Kevin and Rodrigo for both winning the 2023 All CIF San Diego Coach of the Year Award.