Francis Parker School teacher Laurence Darmalingom-Hoover, known as Madame Darma to her students, teaches a mindfulness class for Grade 6 students at Parker. 

Laurence created a recording of a Mindfulness Practice that the Parker community can listen to at home, whether on their own or with family. This practice focuses on self-love, acceptance of self, and radiating love for others to promote peace. Laurence says:

“In the month of February, we are in the heart of winter, and things can seem a bit dull and dark as we move through our days. It is important to continue to nurture the self and to remain positive through mindfulness practices that focus on gratitude and love. It is also the month of Valentine’s Day, a mix of excitement for some, but also a reminder of how lonely one can feel for others.”

As we end February and look forward to the spring, we need to put our energy into releasing ourselves from living with anger and hate because it is not worth it. Instead, enjoy life, move with love, and seek joy even in the smallest things. Go and do great things and surround yourself with love always!”

Recently, Laurence has been putting more energy into her daily journaling and meditation practice. She strongly encourages everyone to use these practices if they do not make a habit of it already. She has been using the  3 Minute Happiness Journal developed by Kristen Butler, which she strongly recommends. “You will see the benefits if you stick with it,” Laurence says. 

In January, Laurence participated as a speaker in the virtual Social Good Conferences series presented by Thomasino Media. She shared with others how she loves to teach and advocate for health and wellness practices in her community. You can watch her presentation here

Laurence looks forward to continuing her mindfulness work, and Parker is so fortunate to have a faculty member who loves sharing her knowledge on health and wellness.