On Saturday, March 2, 76 students from Francis Parker’s Lower, Middle, and Upper School competed in the San Diego County History Day contest. The students worked for the last several months on projects related to the theme of Turning Points in History.

Annually, the National History Day program includes more than 600,000 students nationwide, who create projects related to a central theme and compete in a series of history contests that progress from district to county, to state, and ultimately, national. Parker has a rich history of students competing at all levels of the competition.

Along with 6 honorable mentions and 15 special awards, 42 Parker students will be advancing to the California State History Day championship. A few project titles include: 

  • The Game That Changed America: The 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship
  • Henrietta Lacks: How One Woman Unknowingly Changed Medical Science Forever
  • Uncovering Tutankhamun: A Turning Point in Archaeology, Culture, and Colonialism
  • Conquering Polio, the Disease that Immobilized America
  • Forging Freedom: The Pivotal Genesis of India’s Struggle for Independence against British Colonialism
  • Not Just Black and White: How Pandas’ Soft Power Transforms International Relations

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and good luck to those students advancing to the state competition!