Francis Parker School teacher Laurence Darmalingom-Hoover has been busy at Parker this Spring. She was a presenter in The Parker Collaborative on the Linda Vista campus and is travelling to France as a leader for the Grade 8 Discovery Week Trip.

At The Parker Collaborative, Laurence spoke to faculty and staff on the importance of wellness in our busy lives. Her workshop was titled “Harmony Within: A Holistic Wellness Workshop For Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul.” 

Laurence shared three mindfulness practices with the Parker Faculty and Staff who attended her presentation: meditation, journaling, and her favorite hand gestures or mudras. 

She also led a live meditation that focused on welcoming new energy as we move into spring.

“As the flowers bloom and the birds sing, let’s welcome the vibrant energy of spring into our lives with open arms and open hearts. Spring is a time of renewal, a fresh start, and a reminder of the beauty of growth and transformation. As you welcome spring into your life, remember to be gentle with yourself, to embrace change, and to celebrate the journey of growth unfolding within and around you. Make this spring a season of joy, vitality, and flourishing wellness!” Laurence said. 

Laurence is the leader of the Grade 8 Discovery Week trip to France. Leading up to Discovery Week, she shared mindfulness practices with her travel group to provide them with tools to control difficult times as they travel alone without their parents and spend time with their host families. “Breathing practices are very useful in moments of anxiety and panic,” Laurence said. 

Laurence looks forward to continuing her mindfulness and meditative work and sharing wellness exercises for the Parker community.