Adam Nussbaum, Class of 2019, was named the CIF Spirit of Sport San Diego Section winner for the spring 2018-19 season. He receives a scholarship as part of the award and will join nearly two dozen other section winners from across California in the honor.

Adam is a setter on Parker’s varsity boys volleyball team, led by Head Coach John Herman. The team is in the middle of its 2019 season and held a 13-4 record at the time of publishing.

Adam has been playing volleyball since Grade 7 and says his team and the infectious energy of Coach Herman motivate him to keep playing.

“Volleyball is a fun sport by itself, but I play because of the team. Coach Herman has such positive energy, and everyone else plays off of his positivity. It’s a really wonderful environment,” says Adam.

To Adam, Parker’s entire volleyball team embodies the CIF Spirit of Sport award.

“I think the Spirit of Sport [award] is about maximizing each person’s potential on a team. Inclusivity is super important to this end because a hostile or unwelcoming community will deny people from contributing their best efforts to a team,” he says. “I try to be generally kind and inclusive, but anyone on my team could have won this award, too.”

The CIF Spirit of Sport Award recognizes student-athletes who live the ideals of “pursuing victory with honor” in their lives and athletic endeavors, and who are positive role models within their schools and the community at large. One male athlete and one female athlete from every CIF section in the state of California are recognized for the award. The student-athletes are selected based on exemplary sportsmanship, school and community service, and leadership.