Q&A with Interact Club Co-President Ashley Scott, Class of 2021

How long have you been a part of the club? 
I have been a part of Interact since freshman year and I am currently a rising senior. 

How would you describe the club to your peers?
I would describe this club as a student organization that emphasizes the importance of engaging within one’s community in order to make a positive impact on a local scale and beyond. 

 What is the club up to this summer (if applicable)? 
Currently this club is brainstorming different ways to continue helping the COVID-19 efforts: volunteering with Feeding San Diego, reaching out to Parker students who have been sewing masks, packaging meals, etc. to find how we can help them help the community, and more. Interact will also be redefining and adding to the club’s participation in community organization prior to the start of the upcoming school year.


What is your favorite thing about the club?
My favorite aspect of Interact is the fact that the club has several annual community engagement projects. Although we love learning about different opportunities, from our diverse group of club members, there are quite a few events that we take part in every year, such as Project Mercy and Sports for Exceptional Athletes. Seeing familiar faces is among the most fulfilling experiences and the fact that students, like myself, participate in these events up to four times allows us to engage even more with the groups we volunteer with. 

Why should students join?
Students should join Interact in order to be a part of a group of like-minded students who value community engagement. Being an Interact member means having the opportunity to participate in a multitude of projects that are equal parts impactful and rewarding. Whether that means building houses in Tijuana (Project Mercy), playing with the kids who live next to the houses we are building, reffing field hockey games for people with other abilities (Sports for Exceptional Athletes), making toys for animals awaiting adoption (Humane Society), or wrapping presents for Marines overseas, every student can find an opportunity that positively impacts others as well as themselves. 

How can students join?
There are quite a few ways students can join Interact. The most common way is for students to sign up for the club at the club’s Fair, which takes place in September. Another way students, who perhaps want to take part in any opportunities we publicize during the summer, can join us by emailing either of the club presidents  at [email protected] or [email protected]) to be added to our emailing list. Aside from those ways, students can also approach our club advisor, Sra. Uhland, or any of our board members. Our club is not exclusive in any way, shape, or form and it is never too late to join!