Stay active this summer with Parker’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Isaac Duran’s workout plan, which can be downloaded here

This workout is unique from Isaac’s previous plans and includes cardio challenges and strength training. Challenge yourself to complete it each day with friends or family. 

The exercises should be performed according to their number and letter in an alternating fashion. For example, perform a set of 1A (Push-Ups) and then perform a set of 1B (Sit-Ups). This routine allows specific muscle groups to rest between movements, adding a conditioning component since you never rest completely. Also, note that the “e” at the end of an exercise, like Lunges 4x10e, means each side, and DB stands for “dumbbell.” If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can use an alternative, such as filled water bottles.

Isaac has grown his strength and conditioning expertise through professional development opportunities made possible by the generous donations raised on Parker’s Day of Giving. Last July, he attended the National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference, where he learned new research and techniques. He also earned a Functional Range Conditioning Certification, which helps him teach Parker students how to improve mobility and joint strength.

Regularly exercising helps strengthen your immune system, improve your mental health, and keep your body strong. It can also enhance social connections and aid in developing stronger relationships with family members. We hope you enjoy the benefits of Isaac’s workout plans over break!

If you complete the Summer Workout Plan and want to continue with Coach Isaac’s workouts, download his past workouts below:

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