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A Shifting Landscape

College Counseling at Francis Parker School is more than just a place for students to apply for college during their senior year. In fact, the application process is only the final step in a journey of self-discovery for Parker juniors and seniors.

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Learning to Build Bridges Across Viewpoints

Guided by shared goals and norms, Parker students in grades JK through 12 are engaging in a curriculum intended to spark honest, candid, and critical conversations.

The Common Ideal of Character was created to foster civil dialogue in the Parker community as the country at-large prepares for the 2020 Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 3.

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Message from the Board Chair

Hello, Parker families!

My name is Susan Lester, and I have the honor of serving as the Chair of the Francis Parker School’s Board of Trustees.

In these extraordinary times, we at Parker are fortunate to have the benefit of extraordinary and nimble leadership. Our Head of School Kevin Yaley and his team of administrators and faculty have worked tirelessly in a difficult and fast-changing environment.

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The Common Ideal of Character: Poll Questions

Parker’s The Common Ideal of Character, a two-day JK through Grade 12 curriculum scheduled for October 15–16, will focus on fostering civil dialogue as a valuable life skill. All this week, we will be polling the Parker Community by asking one question per day to gain a better understanding of our diverse range of perspectives.

To view each question and submit your answers, click the links below. A new question will be posted each day. All answers are anonymous–results will be shared next week.

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Upper School student raises $1.8K for Tijuana orphanage

Devin Peters learned a valuable lesson on the power of fundraising this summer. 

“It’s easy to raise money––it’s just a matter of having the incentive to do it,” says Devin, Class of 2023. 

Looking for a safe and feasible community service project during the COVID-19 pandemic, Devin decided he would raise money for an orphanage. He settled on the City of Angels Children’s Home in Tijuana and ultimately raised $1,815. 

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Social & Emotional framework aims to provide ‘broad net’ of support for Parker community

As Parker teachers prepare to return to the classroom next week, a major component of their professional development hours has been focused on social and emotional learning. 

All faculty spent six hours in virtual meetings focused on receiving support around how social and emotional learning and skill-building can be implemented into the classroom–especially within the Parker Blended learning model, where some students will log into classes virtually while others will receive on-campus learning in cohorts. 

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