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A Garden of Their Own

When Parker closed earlier this month in response to the escalating COVID-19 global pandemic, Upper School students Zach Dean and Tess Karras found themselves missing their time working in the Social Justice Garden on the Linda Vista Campus. So they set about creating their own garden in Zach’s backyard. 

“We decided to start this garden as a way to give us something to do during this time at home,” says Tess, Class of 2021. “We’d seen what took place in the Social Justice Garden at School and figured we’d give it a try, especially since we figured there wasn’t much that could go wrong.”

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Grandparents Day at Middle and Upper School

Parker’s Middle and Upper School held its annual “Grandparents & Special Friends Day” Wednesday on the School’s Linda Vista Campus. Students, staff, and faculty welcomed 298 visitors, who were treated to a gourmet breakfast and live music from the Upper School Jazz Ensemble before embarking with the students to their classes.

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Parker Celebrates Third Annual Poetry Week

The Middle School students gathered in Lawrence Commons rise to their feet in unison and begin to follow the instructions of their guest teacher, Elizabeth Acevedo, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Poet X” and “With the Fire on High.” 

“Plant your feet proudly,” she directs them. 

“Pull your shoulders back–that lets the audience know you are confident. 

“You make sure you are heard.” 

And with that, Elizabeth calls up the first volunteer poet. 

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Filling a community need

A new, student-run technology club at Parker began like most organizations–by filling a need for a service. 

“We are a group of kids who provide tech support for senior [citizens],” says Brett Kim, Class of 2021. Brett is the president and founder of Tic Tac Tech. 

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Upper School Band rocks Homecoming 2019

Two months of work.  

For the past eight weeks, the Upper School Band has been culminating their setlist for Homecoming 2019. The 32-member band performed last Friday during Parker’s Homecoming Carnival with an hour of music ranging from the Parliment-Funkadelic classic, “Give Up The Funk,” to a medley of Duke Ellington standards.

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