Meet Sammy Palakodeti, '18: Future Physiologist / Warm Hugs Founder

Three years ago, Sammy Palakodeti ’18 and two of her friends began collecting items for children in Mexico for the holiday season. What began as a hobby quickly grew into a fully fledged non-profit organization called A Warm Hug Foundation, aimed at helping disenfranchised individuals receive blankets, clothing, and care packages.

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Katie Paige I Lower School Senior Kindergarten Teacher

Senior Kindergarten (SK) teacher Katie Paige knows kindergarteners have a lot to say. They never miss a beat if you ask them to tell you a story, but ask them to write a book—that might be met with silence. Not for Parker’s SK students. During writer’s workshop, students are experienced authors writing and constructing how-to manuals on making cookies or talking about their “firsts.”

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The Art of Time Management

As adults, most of us have a time-management system that helps us to juggle the multitude of tasks, appointments, and events that fill our days. We realize that managing our time is really about managing our priorities. Students in Parker’s Middle School have the chance to develop an approach to time management while they are young—a skill that will benefit them far beyond their school years.

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Discovering and Preserving a Sense of Self

For students to thrive, they need to understand that they have inherent value and worth—they have dignity. Defining oneself is built on this essential understanding just as creating community is built upon this same foundation that everyone at Parker is heard, valued, and respected.

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Chuck Wineholt | Upper School Social Studies

C huck Wineholt, Upper School social studies teacher, can’t believe it has been more than 25 years since he started teaching at Parker—a journey he never imagined he would end up on but has enjoyed every moment enriching the minds of his students to look critically at history.

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