Meet Julie Jester Newman ’10: Electronics Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

On a clear summer evening in the year 2025, look to the southwestern sky and find the planet Jupiter. If you look hard enough, you might see the Europa Clipper spacecraft flying by Jupiter’s moon Europa, carrying with it Julie Jester Newman’s instrument named REASON.

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Debate Team Receives High Marks

arker’s Upper School Debate Team receives high marks as they prepare for upcoming competition. Sophia Epley, Class of 2021, competed in Lincoln-Douglas debate at the San Diego Imperial Speech League discussing the topic of whether or not the U.S....

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Expanding Community Engagement at Parker

Parker has always emphasized the importance of a student’s responsibility to engage meaningfully in their community. Colonel Francis W. Parker, whose educational philosophy the School was built upon, believed students should learn by doing and be encouraged to understand and fulfill their responsibilities as citizens of their community.

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