Meet Julie Jester Newman ’10: Electronics Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

On a clear summer evening in the year 2025, look to the southwestern sky and find the planet Jupiter. If you look hard enough, you might see the Europa Clipper spacecraft flying by Jupiter’s moon Europa, carrying with it Julie Jester Newman’s instrument named REASON.

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Parker names GeoBee Winner

A group of 10 Middle Schoolers competed to represent Parker in the state-level National Geographic GeoBee competition. Congratulations to the winner, Will Frost, Class of 2023!

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Helping Our Students Find Their Purpose

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year: time when we reflect on our lives—the past year and the year ahead. For me, I begin with being happy about staying up until midnight and pretending to be in Times Square on east coast time. Check that box next to “I’ve still got it.” While many of us have a list of things to accomplish (learn to surf) or proxies for health and wellbeing (being able to stay up until midnight), having “the list” is what allows us to thrive because it comes from “a deep sense of who [we] are.”

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