Meet Julie Jester Newman ’10: Electronics Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

On a clear summer evening in the year 2025, look to the southwestern sky and find the planet Jupiter. If you look hard enough, you might see the Europa Clipper spacecraft flying by Jupiter’s moon Europa, carrying with it Julie Jester Newman’s instrument named REASON.

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Kelly Eveland Lower School Design Lab Teacher

As a child, Kelly Eveland was always fascinated by how things work. Taking apart everyday items to see the inner workings of a blender or a telephone sparked his curiosity. As the new Lower School Design Lab teacher, Kelly enjoys sharing that curiosity for learning with his students.

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April Message From the Head of School

As we head full strength into the third and final trimester, along with our ongoing commitment to providing your children with an exceptional education, we continue the work of our school-wide accreditation—a rigorous self-examination into all areas of school life, including: the School’s mission, governance, program, finance, administration, community, development, admissions, personnel, health and safety, facilities, student services, philanthropy, and school culture.

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The Value of Student Leadership

Student leadership matters at Parker. Healthy schools are those where all students feel that they belong, make connections, and are known and valued. These characteristics of a school are essential to creating an environment and climate in which everyone thrives. We are especially fortunate to have an outstanding Associated Student Body (ASB)—our student government.

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Parker Student Wins District Level DAR American History Essay Contest

Isabella Loeffelholz, Class of 2026, didn’t realize what a talented historian she was when she entered her essay titled “The Women’s Suffrage Campaign” to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) American History Essay Contest—an annual competition for students in Grades 5 to 8. Isabella not only won the Linares Chapter Grade 5 contest, but her essay also went on to win at the district level. Out of the 11 DAR Chapters in San Diego, Isabella was named the San Diego County 5th Grade winner.

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When a Race Isn’t Really a Race

While most people would understand the purpose of a race to be simple—move from point a to point b faster than the other competitors—a race isn’t really a race in Grade 6 at Parker. Each year sixth graders at Parker participate in a teambuilding event called the Ikidarod, an interdisciplinary study of the Iditarod that culminates in a four-mile race by students on Mission Beach.

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In Pursuit of Kindness

The Lower School community celebrated Kindness Week in early April to bring special focus to this most-prized Campus attribute. One of the activities involved every class, Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5, interpreting a kindness quote of the day. Classes were asked to read and then deliberate what they felt was the meaning behind each phrase. Following are the quotes that were offered and a selection of responses from the classes.

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