Meet Julie Jester Newman ’10: Electronics Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

On a clear summer evening in the year 2025, look to the southwestern sky and find the planet Jupiter. If you look hard enough, you might see the Europa Clipper spacecraft flying by Jupiter’s moon Europa, carrying with it Julie Jester Newman’s instrument named REASON.

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Middle School student plays first chair and solo in all-state concert

York Bourgeois recently played with the All-State Junior High Concert Band, an ensemble of talented middle and junior high school musicians from across California. He was first-chair trumpeter and one of a few soloists in the group, which played on Feb. 17 in Fresno as part of the California All-State Music Education Conference.

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Upper School students place in top 10 at Regional Science Olympiad

Parker Upper School students competed in the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad held at the University of San Diego on March 16. Under the direction of former Parker teacher Rose Hanscom, the School sent two teams of 20 students to compete against 69 other teams from across the county. Parker students finished 10th overall and earned top finishes in a number of categories.

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Maggie Blyth Middle School Social Studies Teacher

The classrooms at the Middle School look a little comfy. Enter Maggie Blyth’s Middle School social studies class and you are greeted with a number of different seating options including standing desks, balance balls, and bean bag chairs. Maggie and other adopters of a flexible seating classroom are doing more than just providing a different chair to sit in, they are encouraging collaboration and focused student engagement.

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