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Katie Paige I Lower School Senior Kindergarten Teacher

Senior Kindergarten (SK) teacher Katie Paige knows kindergarteners have a lot to say. They never miss a beat if you ask them to tell you a story, but ask them to write a book—that might be met with silence. Not for Parker’s SK students. During writer’s workshop, students are experienced authors writing and constructing how-to manuals on making cookies or talking about their “firsts.”

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Chuck Wineholt | Upper School Social Studies

C huck Wineholt, Upper School social studies teacher, can’t believe it has been more than 25 years since he started teaching at Parker—a journey he never imagined he would end up on but has enjoyed every moment enriching the minds of his students to look critically at history.

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Ana Goldberg-Estepa | Upper School Spanish Teacher

Upper School Spanish Teacher Dr. Ana Goldberg-Estepa knows the best way to get to know a culture is to try their food. Everything from the spices to the vessels used to cook a dish spells volumes about a culture’s traditions and heritage, which is why Ana’s favorite project for her students is the Cooking Show.

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Amy Belknap | Lower School Teacher / Marathoner

In college, Lower School Grade 4 teacher Amy Belknap’s teaching career literally got a running start. During her senior year, one of Amy’s professors spoke about his experience achieving his lifelong goal of completing his first marathon at the age of 50. Inspired by his story and the cause he was running for, Amy decided to also train for a marathon and run for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Chris Glover | Middle School English Teacher

For Middle School teacher Chris Glover, discussing literary themes with his students is his favorite part of teaching English. Their thoughts and perspectives inspire him. “There is not a year that goes by where a student doesn’t have a unique insight into the story,” says Chris. “My students constantly inspire me with their creativity and thoughtfulness.”

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