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Dr. Sarah Gongaware Middle and Upper School Music Teacher

Parker’s arts faculty are not only experts at their craft, they are also active professionals who enjoy sharing their love of the arts with the local community. Dr. Sarah Gongaware, Middle and Upper School music teacher, is no exception, as she performs regularly with the La Jolla Symphony and is a featured cellist around San Diego. At Parker, Sarah enjoys passing on her passion for music to her students and perfecting their musical skills.

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Kelly Eveland Lower School Design Lab Teacher

As a child, Kelly Eveland was always fascinated by how things work. Taking apart everyday items to see the inner workings of a blender or a telephone sparked his curiosity. As the new Lower School Design Lab teacher, Kelly enjoys sharing that curiosity for learning with his students.

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Betsy Lillie Upper School Math Teacher

Betsy Lillie, Upper School math teacher, knows her students don’t like making mistakes. However, what her students don’t realize is that miscalculations lead to discoveries. For example, Post-it notes, chocolate chip cookies, and inkjet printers were the results of mistakes. The best thing Betsy’s students can do is welcome the blunders that come with learning.

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Maggie Blyth Middle School Social Studies Teacher

The classrooms at the Middle School look a little comfy. Enter Maggie Blyth’s Middle School social studies class and you are greeted with a number of different seating options including standing desks, balance balls, and bean bag chairs. Maggie and other adopters of a flexible seating classroom are doing more than just providing a different chair to sit in, they are encouraging collaboration and focused student engagement.

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